NativeScript Infinity Gauntlet

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    • What is NativeScript?
    • Infinity Stone powers
    • How they relate to NativeScript
    • Additional Resources

What is NativeScript?

  • Framework to build truly native cross platform mobile apps
  • Open Source, backed by Progress
  • Multiple flavors (Vanilla, Angular, and Vue)
  • Wait... but truly native apps?


Power Stone Abilities

  • Enhances user's strength
  • Boosts other infinity stones
  • Powerful...duh

NativeScript Abilities

  • Native performance
  • Plugins - boost your productivity and ability
  • Guides and Documentation - speed up your time to learn
  • Templates and Samples - speed up prototyping and testing
  • Community Slack- provides support


Space Stone Abilities

  • Open portals
  • Change distance between 2 points
  • Allows the user to be omnipresent
  • Move objects
  • Replicate super speed

NativeScript Abilities

  • Bridge the gap between Native and hybrid-web
  • Change the distance between products
    • Startup
      • Fewer resources
      • Cheap
      • Quality suffers
    • Big Company
      • Many resources
      • Expensive
      • Better quality (generally)


Reality Stone Abilities

  • Can make anything possible or impossible
  • Basically a wishing stone

NativeScript Abilities

  • Multiple Flavors
      Vanilla (JavaScript, TypeScript)
      React (coming soon!)

NativeScript Abilities (continued)

  • Multiple Development Options
      NativeScript Playground
      NativeScript Sidekick
      NativeScript CLI
      Kinvey Studio

NativeScript Abilities (continued)

  • Multiple Styling Options
      Default (Native iOS and Android


Soul Stone Abilities

  • Control living and dead
  • Change and/or currupt the living and dead
  • Gateway to resting place for souls
  • Requires sacrifice

NativeScript Abilities

  • Sacrifice native iOS and Android resources
  • They have specialized knowledge of their respective platforms


Time Stone Abilities

  • Manipulate time
  • Full access to past, present, and future

NativeScript Abilities

  • Webpack is used to speed up build process
  • Quicker to learn than iOS and Android


Stone Abilities

  • Control Mind
  • Connect with all minds in existence
  • Enhance telekinesis

NativeScript Abilities

  • Ability to use existing web knowledge
  • Ability to use existing libraries
    • NPM (Node, some exclusions apply 😁)
    • CocoaPods (iOS)
    • Android Arsenal (Android)

Additional Resources

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