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About Me

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  • Review
    • What is NativeScript?
    • How it works
    • Why NativeScript?
    • How to get started
  • Demo
    • NativeScript Layouts
    • NativeScript Widgets
    • Styling NativeScript Apps

What is NativeScript?

  • Framework to build truly native cross platform mobile apps
  • Open Source, backed by Progress
  • Multiple flavors (Vanilla, Angular, and Vue)
  • Wait... but truly native apps?
    • Access to native objc/Java classes
    • Provides native performance
    • Enables the same customization as native

How it Works

Why NativeScript?

  • 100% sharable code across platforms (Android and iOS)
  • Can use existing web development knowledge
  • Allows you to use existing libraries
    • NPM (Node, some exclusions apply 😁)
    • CocoaPods (iOS)
    • Android Arsenal (Android)

How to Get Started

NativeScript Playground

  • Web based IDE
  • Get started quickly and test on iOS and Android devices

NativeScript Sidekick

  • Tool to accelerate building NS apps with a UI for creating, building, and testing NativeScript apps
  • GUI for the CLI
  • Lets you use your preferred IDE

NativeScript CLI

  • Configure your local machine
  • Richest development experience

Getting Started with NS Playground

  • Download NS Playground App
  • Download NS Preview App
  • Open the playground, play.nativescript.org

Layout Overview

Link to follow along


Widget Overview

Link to follow along


OK I know what you are saying...

No seriously...

Let's build something

What We'll Make

Link to follow along: https://bit.ly/2JzXRJv

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